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Castañar de Ibor cave and its speleothems

was in 1999 when the board of Extremadura custom make me a replica of the famous natural monument Castañar Cave de Ibor (Cáceres), at the time to design and build a large cave one of the larger rooms in the center of interpretation of that region, with their stalactites and other details: (crystals of aragonite, calcite ...)

Now in this year 2011 the board has returned to make efforts to provide this replica of more and better detail, and that scientific research in recent years have advanced and much more is known of the physical environment of the original cave. (The latter does not allow visitors)

This has made us to order the new crystals and textures of a refurbished cave, and we have generated in the workshop the best processes and crystal growth modeling (chemical pure) to give this replica museum of details like these that show in these pictures:

1:1 scale replica of one of the typical cave speleothems.

General view of a part of the scenery, the walls covered with a multitude of replicas of different crystals and concretions (aragonite speleothems, calcite ...).

Crystal worked with joint ventures between modeling techniques and chemical processes. in the replica of the cave place over 200 different glasses!

one aspect of hand shaped crystals of large size and complexity, up to 15 different products and materials make up its structure.

crystals in its final position in the cave modeled.

Notes on the original cave:

A treasure under the olive trees

In an austere olive the region of the Ibores (Extremadura), appeared under the weight of the plow pulled by a mule, a mysterious hole in the ground, water vapor emanating from a cold winter day in 1967 and was the sole access through an impressive treasure A landscape of another planet a few meters deep.

A narrow cave just 2 miles long with several large rooms filled with stalactites that seem to defy gravity and chemical patterns known structures of aragonite, calcite and other rare minerals mixed together to form crystals of various colors capricious, underground lakes of crystal tree sprouting passing visitors a strange feeling of unreality and extreme beauty. In addition, this cave is happening many chemical and geological phenomena studied today, providing interesting information on crystallography, ecology and climate of the past and other aspects of great scientific value.

Angel February

link to visit the interpretive center


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